iOWEYOU More is our premium service for groups who want a little extra from iOWEYOU.

What 'More' Do I Get?

  • Increased group size
    You can have up to 20 users in your group. This makes it ideal for larger organisations or bigger shared houses.
  • Advert-free service
    We'll remove all traces of advertising from your group's pages.
  • Premium-level support
    All your group's technical support queries will have priority over free users.
  • New features coming soon
    We have some exciting plans for development of iOWEYOU. These are being worked on at the moment. They include email alerts, weekly/monthly statements and we're investigating mobile-phone access. iOWEYOU More groups will have exclusive access to these features once they launch.

How Much Does iOWEYOU More Cost?

You can upgrade your group to iOWEYOU More for a one-off fee of £19.99.

This is a one-off fee! It's not yearly or monthly. Once your group is upgraded to iOWEYOU More, it will stay that way.

How Do I Upgrade?

Just follow the links from your group's page (you must be a group administrator). If you don't have a group yet, just follow our 'Start a Group' process. You'll be given directions where needed!

For further details on upgrading to iOWEYOU More visit our help pages. © iOWEYOU, 2024