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Getting Started - A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started using iOWEYOU...

1 Get an account

  • Firstly you need to register and login - you can find these linked from the home page.

2 Set up your group

  • Once logged in, start a group and invite everyone who shares with you - they will be sent an email with a link allowing them to join your group.
  • You can set up as many separate groups as you need. (For example: one for your housemates, one for your club and one for you and your parents.)

3 Start logging expenses

  • Now that your group is set up, you can log any purchase you make. Each 'expense' contains a cost, a description and stores who it applies to
  • This is an ongoing process - there is no need to log everything at once!

4 Find out how much you owe

  • Just log in and click 'View Amount Owed' - an instant report will tell you how much you owe each member of your group or how much they owe you.

5 Pay people back

  • If you pay someone back, just log that as a 'Settlement' - the amount you owe them will be offset against how much you've paid them back.
  • This allows you to easily keep track of how much you're spending.
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