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Inviting People

When you add users to your group, you can enter their email addresses. If you do this, iOWEYOU will send them an email with a special link, allowing them to sign up to iOWEYOU and join your group as a registered user.

This will allow them to log their own expenses, view how much they owe and log settlements. They won't be able to edit or delete anyone else's information.


What happens if people don't accept my invite?

They will still be a member of your group, but all expenses they pay for will have to be logged by a group administration (i.e. the person who started the group.)



By default, the person who started the group is a group administrator. This means they have access to all the group functions, including:

  • Adding users
  • Adding expenses/settlements from any user in the group
  • Editing/deleting any expenses/settlements (even ones they didn't add)
  • Viewing the amount owed for any user

Administrators are able to make other users in the group administrators should they need to.

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